The Acting Lab offers 1:1 Acting Coaching to people at all stages of their acting journey. This coaching can cover preparing for drama school auditions, work on a particular role or project, refreshing skills, advice on a career progression and plugging skills gaps (e.g. voice/

breathing/movement). It can also be for people right at the start of their acting journey, especially anyone who finds group work daunting for any reason. * Remote Coaching now available via Zoom


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1:1 Acting coaching is £50/hour.

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About us


So you’d love to develop your acting skills, but don’t want to attend a group class?

Maybe you have a complicated schedule that means times of group classes never work out for you. Maybe you aren’t quite ready to let yourself go in front of others. Maybe you learn better on your own. Or perhaps you’re toying with one of my group classes but just need time to gain confidence first. Whatever the reason, I’ve got the perfect course for you!


At The Acting Lab, I know that group classes aren’t for everyone - so in 2021 I launched my 1:1 Crash Course in Acting, where you’ll benefit from all the same training, but with the added bonus of my undivided attention!

Think of it as your very own drama school.

In this highly focused and exciting coaching course you’ll build impressive skills step by step and have great fun, all without leaving the house - it takes place over 10 Zoom-based sessions, which can be arranged weekly or at whatever pace suits you. Between sessions, you’ll get homework assignments to keep the momentum going.

You’ll learn a wide range of crucial professional skills and techniques, to help you master acting essentials like breathing, posture, stage/screen presence, energy and voice (volume, pitch, tone, diction etc). We’ll also cover script analysis, line learning, monologue/scene preparation, and improvisation and spontaneity.

On top of all that, you’ll get experience in performance skills, teaching you to engage your audience in ways that are guaranteed to make them sit up and take notice.

As if that’s not enough, as part of the course we work on your growth mindset, ultimately boosting your confidence (which will benefit you not just on stage but in every area of your life)!

PRICING: £450 for a 10-session course.

Demand for this fantastic course is already high, and availability is limited, so book now!

To book your free 15-minute phone chat about the 1:1 Crash Course in Acting enter your details on our Contact page.

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"Elaine's knowledge and guidance are second to none".

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