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improv classes dundee
improv classes dundee

Improv? What on earth is that?


The clue's in the name: it's short for "improvisational theatre" (a bit more of a mouthful!) Quite simply, it's spontaneous, unscripted theatre - and it could be a game-changer for you.

Our improv sessions are fear-busters that boost your confidence, creativity and spontaneity in a structured and supportive environment, and they're great for actors, non-actors and complete beginners alike.


Oh...and they're great fun! (Check out our testimonials, where you'll see that people are saying this about our other courses too!)

So what could an Improv session do for you? you be flexible and think on your feet you make friends and ease social anxiety you take risks and challenge your fears

...teach you to be more mindful and be really present you find time to play you to not take yourself too seriously

...teach you how to go with the flow

...make you a better listener

...make you more spontaneous and creative

Sound like it could make a difference to your life?

NEW... Dundee Improv Workshops!


Back by popular demand! A block of fun and friendly Improv workshops - taking place every Saturday morning for 8 weeks, starting 13th January 2024, at Abertay University, Dundee.  For 18 years and over.

 If you'd like your Saturday mornings to be filled with  game-changing improv, book now!

About us

"I soon lost my self-consciousness and embarrassment".

Coaching client

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