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Love it or loathe it, it’s here to stay, firmly lodged in our business and personal lives thanks to a global pandemic.

Maybe you took to it like a duck to water. Then again, perhaps you’re one of the 58 million at time of writing (yes, really) who Google-searched “Zoom anxiety”. If you are, you’re in good company - when I started using Zoom, I was absolutely one of those people!

But, whether you’re a lover or a loather, there’s every chance you could be doing it better.


That’s why I created The Acting Lab’s very own answer: 90 minutes of powerful, real-time one-to-one coaching, called “Get Your Zoom On!”


This is no dull step-by-step guide – it’s dynamic, practical, personalised and – believe it or not – fun!

If you’re in the knocking-knees category, “Get Your Zoom On!” will be a game-changer. You’re probably self-conscious about how you look. Afraid of slipping up. Easily distracted. More than likely, you end each Zoom meeting feeling like you’ve just gone ten rounds, and worst of all, you look back and wonder if you even got your point across.

But even seasoned, confident Zoom users who think they’ve got it cracked can still let themselves down – with unflattering camera angles, bad lighting and sound, and poor, unprofessional technique.

Drawing from stage training for actors, “Get Your Zoom On!” will teach you effective techniques to tackle Zoom anxiety, helping you to calm your nerves before that important call, meeting or presentation.


We’ll teach you the art of connecting effectively with others on the call, so that you can have real presence and hit “leave” knowing you’ve made an impact. And we’ll also cover Zoom etiquette – something that both beginners and pros alike need to know!

You’ll learn how to look and sound great, with tips on lighting, sound and positioning yourself – boosting your confidence and breaking the vicious cycle that makes you dread the next call.

At just £145, “Get Your Zoom On!” is an investment in yourself or your business that you won't regret. So rather than stumble on, why not get your Zoom on – and book now!

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