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Monologue worries? Flash Lab to the rescue...

Often during audition prep or on one of our acting courses, clients ask for tips on how to bring their monologue fully to life. In this week's Flash Lab tip, we'll address this common challenge... If you're feeling blocked, try this: sing your monologue aloud as if you are in a musical:- • Don’t worry about the context of the piece • Go with the flow and don’t judge the sounds! • Just have fun taking your voice on a dramatic musical journey • Vary the pitch and rhythm • Physicalise it with big, bold gestures and movement • Exaggerate the emotions that come up, e.g. swinging easily from dramatic to funny • Finally, drop the singing, read out your monologue and feel the difference... And the result? You will feel liberated and be able to breathe new life into your piece so you can fall in love with it again! 🌟

( the way, this tip can also help with memorisation! 🌟)


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