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A week in my shoes #1

Ever wondered what a week looks like here at The Acting Lab? Earlier this year, Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce asked me to tell their members exactly that, as part of their “In Your Shoes” series…


Monday 8th March 2021: Acting-based coaching – a secret weapon…

My Mondays are often filled with one-to-one coaching sessions and today wasn’t any different.

With my background in acting the first coaching I offered was centred on audition preparation, getting to grips with Shakespeare and so on (and I still do plenty of that) but these days many of my one-to-one clients are business people.

People from all walks of life get acting-based coaching and it can be something of a secret weapon. Often you will experience a great presentation and think “Wow, what a great communicator!” but that great communicator may well have had some really technical coaching to help them achieve an authentic style that looks so “natural and “engaging”.

Getting results with clients, seeing them grow and flourish, is such an exciting part of my work and you can see from the photo that it can be great fun too!

I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into an Acting Lab week - you can carry on following my story right here!

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