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A week in my shoes #4

Ever wondered what a week looks like here at The Acting Lab? Earlier this year, Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce asked me to tell their members exactly that, as part of their “In Your Shoes” series…


Thursday 11th March 2021: Get your Zoom on!

Thursday is time for some digital focus.

Today I updated a few things on my website. It took me ages to bite the bullet and get a website but the lovely, patient Alistair at Creative Mongrel did a fantastic job.

And then there’s Zoom! One year ago when lockdown hit, I participated in all sorts of things just to stay connected. In the beginning I had huge Zoom anxiety! After a tough period of experimentation and adaptation, I started offering my workshops via Zoom.

My students love the connectedness and the work can be just as intimate and exhilarating as in the classroom.

I’ve overcome many challenges and have found fantastic ways to mitigate the stress, irritation and fatigue and deepen and enhance the Zoom experience.

Now I want to help others benefit from these insights and techniques. Today, I’m putting finishing touches to a new workshop/product called Get Your Zoom On! which will help people look good, give a better impression, and have more energy, gravitas and charisma when they use Zoom/Teams/Skype.

Watch this space - I'll be launching Get Your Zoom On! this summer.

I hope to see you again soon, where we'll be rounding off my week in the diary spotlight!

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