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A week in my shoes #3

Ever wondered what a week looks like here at The Acting Lab? Earlier this year, Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce asked me to tell their members exactly that, as part of their “In Your Shoes” series…


Wednesday 10th March 2021: Live and direct…

Wednesday is one of my regular class teaching days and today is unusual as this term’s Level II class finished last Wednesday (Level II is part-time, one evening a week for 8 weeks).

It covers a lot of ground – voice, movement, sense-work, improvisation, script analysis, character research and development, monologues, duologues, rehearsal – and today’s job is to reflect on and unpack how well the course went.

It’s pretty calm here at Acting Lab HQ today but last week was quite the opposite as it was the big end-of-term performances/scene shares. Usually this would be done in Abertay University but for now it’s all on Zoom.

It means some stage directions might be different (for me anyway, cueing up music, getting guests into the meeting from the waiting room …) but the excitement and adrenalin you associate with live performance still apply.

This photo shows student Andrew in action!

On Thursday I reveal details of an exciting new course I'm launching - and it's not just for aspiring actors. Clue: it's a hot topic (and one that a lot of people are afraid of) during lockdown...

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