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A week in my shoes #2

Ever wondered what a week looks like here at The Acting Lab? Earlier this year, Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce asked me to tell their members exactly that, as part of their “In Your Shoes” series…


Tuesday 9th March 2021: Wish you were here…

If Monday is coaching day and Wednesday and Saturday are my class days then Tuesday is more about everything else (admin/promotion/organisation).

Right now I’m deep into promoting my April Zoom courses (Level I starts 14 April, Level II starts 17 April) and this is always a challenging part of the job! When I started The Acting Lab much of the promotion was on Facebook (and I still use that) but over the years I have used every option available.

You can see from the photo that I have had a few different flyers over the years. The postcards – four different designs – were a particular success and came out of taking part in the great Fun A Day Dundee art project in 2019.

Currently, all my promotional energy goes into online methods. Do they change Facebook every week just to challenge us, or does it just feel like that…

Come back soon and find out what Wednesday had in store!

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